Saturday, February 18, 2012

Another Great Tub Idea

If your up to the challenge, a full sized claw-foot tub could soon become a wonderful addition to your garden.

On vacation in Collingwood, we came across this great re-purposed idea, on display near Blue Mountain.

Architectural Corbels

Last week, the customers' focus was on corbels. 3 sets of architectural corbels were sold for re-purposing projects.

At Rustic Gate, we like to encourage our customers to re-purpose and discover creative new innovative ways to use architectural objects.

Share your unique ideas.
Looking for more of a retro mid century modern edge a la Madmen? We have that too!
Sorry to be away so long from the blog, but we're back now.

The ultimate in recycling, bathtub couches. We currently have one in the works. This is just a picture of an example, so if you're interested in one, let us know. Hopefully done by end of February.